DLF Camellias Junior

DLF has launched a luxurious Residential Property on the Golf Course Road with an uncertain name of DLF Camellias Junior, crest 2, Magnolias 2. Stay Tuned to know!

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A Home Full of Luxury

DLF has successfully brought the concept of super-luxury condominium living to India, drawing inspiration from the tremendous popularity it has garnered in the United States. By doing so, they have created an excellent environment for residential and commercial purposes, revolutionizing the perception of luxury within the real estate industry and transforming how luxury embraces real estate. 

DLF has been renowned for its extra luxurious accommodation with different names, Magnolias, Camellias, Aralias & DLF Crest, adjutant to these residential properties. With this construction popularity, DLF plans to launch a new project on Golf Course Road, and the project name still needs to be discovered or hidden. Per the rumours in the real estate market, the project can be launched by DLF Camellias Junior, DLF Magnolias 2, DLF Crest 2, and DLF Camellias 2. All investors are eagerly waiting for the new project to be launched. 

The properties at DLF Camellias 2 offer a captivating real estate opportunity, allowing discerning buyers to customize their homes according to their unique preferences. These exclusive apartments and penthouses are housed within nine impressive towers and span an expansive range from approximately 5000 and 600 Sqft located in Sector 54, Park Drive, Gurgaon. Each unit is presented in its shell form, providing an exciting canvas for residents to curate their ideal living space.

Owning a property at New Camellias Junior is about acquiring a home and a lifestyle that combines luxury, sustainability, and unmatched convenience. With its impeccable design, exceptional amenities, and strategic location in Gurugram, Camellias Junior promises a living experience that surpasses expectations.

Access to The Camellias Club (Crest 2, Magnolias 2): One of the immense well-being and leisure residential facilities globally

✅ Centred around holistic wellness and fostering a sense of connectedness within the complex

✅ Comprised of seven energy zones for various activities and amenities

✅ Spanning an impressive 160,000 sq ft of space

✅ Ample amenities for relaxation and unwinding\Features include a spacious fitness centre

✅ Stunning spa with a Turkish hammam

✅ Boxing ring and rock-climbing wall for fitness enthusiasts

✅ Four-lane Brunswick bowling alley for recreational fun

✅ Five restaurant options for diverse dining experiences

Signature Courses of DLF Camellias (Crest 2, Magnolias 2):

At the heart of this prestigious development lie two renowned golf courses: The DLF Golf Academy and The Pavilion. The Arnold Palmer course offers a challenging championship experience, winding its way through the picturesque hills of the neighbouring Aravallis. Meanwhile, the Gary Player Signature Course boasts an impressive 18 holes, a Par-72 layout, and is adorned with two expansive lakes. As a bonus, The DLF Golf Academy is the premier professional golf school of the country, providing top-notch training and expertise to golf enthusiasts.

External Picturesque View:

Apart from the inviting balconies that grace each residence, the towers of this development are enveloped by an expansive landscape. The meticulously designed surroundings include:

✅ A serene water garden.

✅ A vibrant orchard.

✅ An enchanting sculpture garden.

✅ A beautiful theatre.

These thoughtfully crafted spaces provide homeowners ample opportunities to immerse themselves in nature and foster a deep connection with the environment, which lies at the core of this remarkable project.

Strategically Made With Sustainable Efforts:

Sustainability has been ingrained as a fundamental principle at The Camellias since its inception. DLF, the visionary real estate company behind this remarkable project, has achieved LEED Platinum certification and is the sole Indian real estate firm listed on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index. 

Solar Panels: The utilization of solar panels to minimize energy consumption, the irrigation of all green areas and the golf course with recycled treated water, and the successful transplantation of over 100 mature trees, which were slated for removal in other parts of the city, are just a few examples of the careful and considered approach taken by The Camellias.

Ecological Balance: The ecological balance at The Camellias is further maintained by the green "lung" enveloping the DLF Golf Links, sustained by recycled water from a treatment plant that delivers an impressive 14 million litres of water daily. This nurturing environment includes picturesque artificial lakes on the golf course, holding eight million litres of water. 

LEED Platinum Certification: Nestled within the expansive 19-acre landscape of the prestigious Golf Links, the nine towers of Camellia buildings, featuring 429 units with one unit per floor, proudly bear the LEED Platinum certification. Considering their location within a seismic zone, these towers have been meticulously designed by a renowned Boston-based architect with expertise in tall buildings. Stone bridges and flourishing vegetation connect the towers, creating a harmonious flow throughout the development. 

Greenery Around: Adding to the allure, residents can enjoy the vast 6.8-hectare landscaped park aptly named The Sanctuary, offering a serene two-kilometre walking track and a captivating Sculpture Garden adorned with magnificent installations crafted by some of most eminent artists of India.

Beautiful Interior Design 

What so ever would be the name of this upcoming residential project- DLF Camellias Junior, DLF Magnolias 2, DLF Crest 2, and DLF Camellias 2 - boast excellent interior design. 

Step into the luxury and architectural brilliance world at DLF Camellias 2, where each apartment is a testament to impeccable design and spacious living. The flat-slab design provides a sense of openness and offers the flexibility to create customized room options within each apartment. 

From the finest materials sourced globally, including marble, stone, and wood, to collaborations with renowned architects, no expense is spared to create individualized spaces that exude luxury. With price ranges starting from ₹2-3 crore, DLF Camellias Junior cum Magnolias 2 or Crest 2 or Camellias 2 guarantees an extraordinary interior experience.

Architectural Masterpieces: The apartments at Camellias 2 boast extra-high ceilings of 12 feet, allowing for a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. The column-free design further enhances the architectural appeal and offers endless possibilities for interior configurations.

Flexibility in Room Options: The flat-slab design structure of each apartment empowers residents to tailor their living spaces according to their preferences. Whether you desire an additional bedroom, a cozy study, or an expansive living area, the flexibility in room options allows you to transform your apartment into a personalized sanctuary.

Exquisite Materials and Global Collaborations: The interiors of DLF Camellias Junior showcase the finest materials from around the world. Marble, stone, and wood are meticulously selected to create a luxurious ambience that exudes elegance and sophistication. Collaborations with acclaimed architects ensure that each space is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of timeless design.

Private Elevator Lobby: As you step out of the elevator, you are greeted by a private elevator lobby, adding an element of exclusivity and privacy to your living experience. The seamless transition from the art-filled main lobby to the private elevator lobby sets the tone for a truly exceptional lifestyle.

Bottom Line:

At the DLF Camellias 2, every detail is meticulously curated to create a living environment that surpasses all expectations. From the extraordinary interiors to the exclusive amenities, this exceptional residential development promises a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury and sophistication.